Visiting the Royalton Public Library

It is always fun to visit libraries, and of course this one was no exception!

This is a very neat location; it is multi-use, headquartering not only the library but also the police station and a local museum. These kinds of buildings are fun to visit, and it’s always interesting to see how the organizations can cooperate together!

This Children’s department has a great design. There are a lot of fun books, lots of colors and shapes to see, and it is a clearly defined area for kids to enjoy while parents and guardians browse nearby in easy sight.

And check out this very cool activity center! Kids can come in the library, and immediately head to a place where a variety of fun things will be available for them to play with in the library. (Okay, yes – I played with a few things too. Look how fun this is!)

Providing technology tools is an integral part of any library’s service; and this library has computers easily available for patrons to use!

Of course, visiting a library can be exhausting – all those great things to see and do! Or you might just want to enjoy sitting for a while as you browse through some potential book choices. Royalton has you covered! This comfortable seating area encourages you to relax and enjoy yourself for a while. (But then go pick out a few more books to read!)

If you need a cozier spot to read your books, they also have that for you! Located in the second room of the library, this space offers a little less activity and a little more focus on finding and reading great books. You might sit here to flip through a few books, and end up taking all of them home with you – which would be a great decision!



DVDs are still great entertainment for people; and the library is here for you! They have a lovely display here, with a wide range of DVDs people would enjoy checking out. (I eyed a few myself; but tried to keep moving on. This is the downside of visiting libraries – I want to bring everything home with me!)

We want to visit your library next! Let us know some dates that would work for you!