Our First Annual CMLE Library Snapshot Day report!

Our First Annual CMLE Library Snapshot Day was Thursday, April 27! On that day, people across all CMLE libraries were encouraged to take a few photos that represent a day in the life of their libraries. Nothing needed to be fancy; we just wanted to be able to collect photos to show off the good work our members are doing. And, as you can see below, there were all sorts of good things happening across the system!

Library Snapshot Day is a national program for libraries across the country. There is no defined day; so this is ours! Start thinking now about the photos you can share with us next year – we want to keep this going, so we all have great photos to show stakeholders about the valuable work libraries are doing in Central Minnesota.

Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute photos, and who asked about the day! We clearly have a lot of fun things happening across our system; and it’s great to have a chance to share with each other! (If you have a photo  or two to share, send them in and we will post them up here!)

We started the day here at CMLE HQ with our official office bear, Orville. He’s hanging out in his library garden, enjoying his books! (If you want to know more about library gardens, check out our podcast, Linking Our Libraries, episode 7!)

Check out the website to see all our photos – it was fun!!