Visit to the Annandale Public Library

One of the most fun parts of my job is the chance to go visit our member libraries! As someone who has spent years traveling around the country, visiting libraries, I can say there has never been a library that did not have something fun/interesting/unique to see. Being able to visit the CMLE members, and to see how much work they are doing in helping their communities is fantastic!

Annandale Public Library, part of the Great River Library System, is another library doing some great work. You can see immediately how much thought is put into making the library a welcoming place. Art in a library can be such an important tool for reaching out to patrons, and for helping everyone to feel comfortable.  (Check out our podcast, Linking Our Libraries, episode seven for a look at art in libraries!)


Look at these books and the plant! At CMLE HQ, we love plants and gardens (Podcast #7: Library Gardens, with a mention of Annandale!) As I always do, I struggled to keep from grabbing books off the shelves to take home. It’s a constant struggle for library people, when out visiting!

This is a quick shot of the garden outside the windows! I want to go back and visit when everything starts blooming here!


Technology is important in any public library setting, and this one has computers front and center, ready to be used by their community members who stop in for a visit!

There are plenty of technology tools available here – more computers, a copier, and of course access to library staff who can provide some basic guidance! (Libraries are so valuable, and return such a great profit on the investment a community makes in them!)

Looking at Children’s Departments in libraries is always fun! Everyone arranges things differently, to make the location more comfortable for younger patrons. Arranging things in this nice circular area helps to give kids a defined space of their own in this corner, and gives it a special feeling.


And check out these cool toys, and that brightly colored art! Libraries share information in all kinds of formats, including visual art; and who could resist playing with the stuffed toys?

And if stuffed toys are not your thing, then there are cabinets and drawers with all sorts of other cool toys here! There is no shortage of fun things to explore here at the library, including the books displayed all over the place.


And I just love this clock! There are actually two of them in this library – both encouraging us to read! Okay, yes; I picked up several books to browse while I was there. But I really tried to stay on mission; fortunately it was very easy to admire this library!




Have we been to your library yet?? We really want to come see you, and admire all of your great stuff too! Send us an email, give us a call, or you can fill out this form to give us a couple of days and times that will work out for you.  We want to visit all 300+ of you over the next year or so – and you will really help out by contacting us first! Thanks in advance!