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“My students love research. Give them an exciting topic, and they’re off! But what they love even more is creating presentations to share what they’ve learned. Of all the programs we’ve used this year, their favorite, by far, has been Pixton. Pixton is an online comic strip maker, a way to create highly visual presentations. Students can choose a background, add characters that are fully posable, and insert speech bubbles. It can be used to share information on a variety of topics, and it is very user friendly.

My second graders used Pixton to share their research on community helpers.

My fourth graders used Pixton to share tips they learned about being safe online.

While I use Pixton as a way for my students to present their research, it can be used for many other purposes, as well. Teachers can use it to create engaging lessons; students can use it to make writing more exciting; or it can be used to assess student learning. There are a variety of templates, characters, and backgrounds, so it can be used across the curriculum. I use it with my elementary students, but Pixton is a tool that students in middle and high school would enjoy, as well.

Pixton is not, however, a free online tool. Schools or districts can purchase a one-year license, or individual teachers can purchase a monthly subscription. There is an option for educators to have a 15-day free trial. I would recommend doing that and playing around with it before deciding if you want to purchase it. But for me, the benefits outweigh the cost.

To learn more about Pixton, visit I know your students will have as much fun with it as mine!”