Governor Vetoes Budget Bills

Passing on our latest news on library-related budget issues. (This is a good time to promote our Postcard Party in the Park this week!! Join us Thursday, and share your voice in postcard form!)

Governor Vetoes GOP Budget Bills:

As promised, Governor Dayton vetoed a slate of GOP budget bills last Friday, including the E-12 bill. The Governor’s veto letter on the E-12 bill notes the insufficiency of 1.5% annual increases on the general education formula. He’s calling for 2% annual increases. That may not sound like much, but the difference is nearly $100 million. The repeal of his signature voluntary pre-K program (VPK) program is another reason for his veto of the GOP E-12 bill. You can read the rest of his veto message to the legislature here:

Once again all of the state’s budget business has piled up into the last week of the legislative session. Skeptics assume we’re heading toward a complete breakdown and a June special session. Others remain optimistic that with a $1.5 billion surplus they’ll be able to modestly satisfy GOP appetites for tax cuts and DFL spending requests.


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