Day Three of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Does your community have a library bookmobile?

Bookmobiles are great! They can help you to reach out to community members who may not be easily served by your brick and mortar locations, they can be great PR for the library, and they are just fun.

Maybe you have a van. Or you might use one of those cool book bikes! Or you may have some other way of providing mobile library service.

But you probably do not have a bookmobile anything like this one!

knls camel library 9

The Camel Library in Kenya!

“The camel library service is an innovative initiative of the Kenya National Library Service that has won accolades for its efforts in promoting literacy and reading culture in arid and far flung regions of North Eastern Kenya. In this innovative initiative, camels carry books in boxes specifically made for the project and take them to children in far-flung schools. Also included in the boxes are tents and mats for children to use in the field.  This initiative has been successful in providing relevant books since inception and is an alternative to the motorised mobile library service available in other parts of the country.”

0knls camel library 1.2.3

knls camel library 1.2.4