Our final Season One podcast: Information Literacy!

It has been so much fun to make these podcasts!

First, we had to figure out how to actually make a podcast. This was surprisingly tricky! There was no one single set of directions that told us everything we needed; so we spent time improvising, trying things, and learning from our failures. Learning new skills is a constant part of the profession, and it was (luckily!) always more exciting than frustrating to figure this stuff out.

We developed our own areas of specialization: Angie became the Chief Sound Engineer, in charge of figuring out all the technology; Mary provided the library content. Our assorted guest hosts provided energy and subject-matter expertise. It grew and built, and things got better as we went along.

And now we come to the end of Season One! Our final episode this season looks at a topic all libraries need to address with their patrons: Information Literacy.

You can find that podcast, and all of the others, on our podcast page. Or you can subscribe to us using iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, or any other podcast app you like.

Is this the end of the Linking Our Libraries podcast? Heck no!

Thursday, June 29 we will drop our bonus episode of Season One: The LOL Award Show. You can vote here for awards in an assortment of categories. Don’t like the categories? There is space for you to add in your own award! (Feel free to choose a winner too!) We will announce these on our podcast, so get out there and get going!

We are already planning out Season Two! Our first episode will drop Thursday August 10, focusing on Community Engagement. We look forward to all kinds of podcast excitement as we work through fifteen more topics of importance to our libraries!