Going to ALA Annual? Talk about older adults and technology!

Roger Goldblatt, Associate Bureau Chief of the Consumer and Govt Affairs Bureau, FCC is assembling an outreach program for older adults to help them understand the relevance and opportunity of digital technologies and the internet. Through previous work with ALA (OITP), Roger is exploring a potential pilot between FCC and OITP to identify local libraries in several key states who could develop model programs that would inform the CGB in the creation of a playbook for working with older adults through libraries. Roger is coming to Annual to learn more about current library programs for older adults, including info on library outreach, special needs of the population, and program themes that resonate with older adults.

Roger will be at the Annual conference.  We have set aside a time in the Networking Uncommons (Sat 11-4) for librarians to meet with Roger and share info about adult services and technology.

Anyone interested that able to stop by can contact Carrie Russell at (crussell@alawash.org) This is a great opportunity for Roger to hear from as many librarians as possible.


We are going to send Roger to two ASCLA/RUSA programs on aging Americans (Sat and Sun).


Carrie Russell

Director, OITP Program on Public Access to Information

ALA Washington Office

1615 New Hampshire Avenue, First Floor

Washington, DC 20009