Day Twenty Four of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

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Do you read these as a kid? My brother and I were VERY into these books! I had a bunch of them, and read a lot at the library; but have not looked at them in many years now.

I had no idea people were mapping the books and helping other enjoy all kinds of different adventures!

“For years, fans have been creating visualizations of the forking structures of “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Often, they’re interested in the types of outcomes at the end of each path. One map labels each ending as “new life, return home, or death,” and another separates them into “cliffhanger, solution, or death.” Christian Swinehart’s extensive graphical analysis of the books labels the endings as “great, favorable, mediocre, disappointing, or catastrophic.””

Read through this entire article to get more information, and to see all the very cool charts included!