Cool app: LibraryThing

Maybe you’ve already heard about the LibraryThing app? It’s been around for a few years as an app for iOS devices only, but they have recently launched their app for Android! (And it’s free!)

This app sounds like a great way to keep your personal library collection organized. And it even allows you to add media like DVDs and CDs. A few more features include:

  • Browse and search your library overall and by collection.
  • Add books, CDs, and DVDs by scanning barcodes. The barcode scanning is SUPER FAST!
  • Add items by searching by title, author, ISBN, etc.
  • Browse and upload covers, using your Android’s camera.
  • Do minor editing, such as adding books to collections and rating them. Major editing is done by a link to

Check out their fun video here:

Do you use this app? We’re interested to hear how you like it! Leave a comment and let us know!