Ideas for old audio-visual materials

What I Talk about When I Talk about Running, by Haruki Murakami




We are passing on request from a library person from a listserve, along with a few suggestions from other people. Do you have this issue? Do you have other ideas? Suggest them in the comments!

“Does anyone have suggestions on what to do with audio books on cd, music cds, dvds, etc. that are coming in for our book sale that we are not selling?  Our book sale staff hates to throw them out and would like to give them away if someone could use them.”

  • School teachers might want some if they are in decent shape. Also if permitted look at free cycling. There are Yahoo groups and Facebook​ groups. Offer after your sale just to keep from dumping.
  • I have sent CD’s for recycling here if you do not have a CD recycling center near you
  • They can be recycled, although most recycling centers don’t want them.
    I’ve used CD Recycling Center of America. Another is Back Thru the Future. Both of these services are free, although you pay the shipping. (Use media mail.)
    GreenDisk also recycles discs and cases, charging a small fee for the service. GreenDisk also accepts other IT materials such as phones, cords, stereo and video equipment, printer cartridges, monitors, etc.
  • Seniors centres, old age residences might be receptive to receiving the DVDs and audio book CDs too
  • We put them out in a box with a sign “free”
  • There are lots of great art activities than can be done with CDs and DVDs! Here is a pinterest page with lots of examples; some of them are good for children. Searching on the internet will yield many other great art projects.
    There are also art activities that can turn old video cassettes into planters, and shelves, and the videocassette holders can make great photograph holders:
  • If nobody wants them, you could use the disks for crafts: