Day Thirty One of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Library people have such fun websites!

A lot of us got into this field because we like reading, we like information, and we really don’t want to settle on just one thing to do. So we instead choose to do all kinds of neat things!

Check out this website: Library Shenanigans, for some fun!

“I’m the Curator of Special Collections at Colorado College. I began keeping track of library shenanigans (streaking, singing, and other funny stuff people have done in and about libraries) in 2005. In 2010, I got tired of having the song “Dreamweaver” stuck in my head whenever I worked on the page, so I switched to WordPress. You can find out more about me professionally here and not-so-professionally here.

If you know about any library shenanigans I haven’t listed, by all means tell me! You can email me at jrandall followed by the AT sign and then”

Check out a recent entry: The Impact of a Book

SONY DSCThis work of art by Jorge Méndez Blake has been shown in several galleries, and images of it are all over the web under the title “The Impact of a Book” and “L’impact d’un livre.” The artist’s title for the piece is Il Castillo / The Castle, after the title of the Kafka book at the bottom of the bricks.SONY DSC