Vets Who Code

Libraries offer great resources to their veteran patrons, so when we saw the work this nonprofit is doing in regards to serving veterans, we thought we should share!

Vets Who Code was created by veteran and programmer Jerome Hardaway. The organization’s goal is to help veterans become programmers and also to challenge some stigmas out there about veterans and the workforce.

From their website:

“Launched in 2014, Vets Who Code is a non-profit dedicated to filling the nations technical skills gap with America’s best. We achieve this by using technology to connect and train veterans remotely in web development in order to close the digital talent gap and ease career transition for military veterans and to give military spouses skills to provide stability as they move to support their families. We believe that those who serve in uniform can be the digital economy’s most productive and innovative assets. Vets Who Code prepares them to enter the civilian work force with tangible skills for new careers.”

Check out this podcast interview with Hardaway, where they discuss some of the challenges he has faced, such as “reentering civilian life at the height of the Great Recession, how Vets Who Code was born, the specific assets vets bring to programming and the tech world, and how they overcome the challenges and stereotypes they face.”