Thursday July 20: Dinner and Library Talk!

Do you want to eat dinner and chat about libraries?

We do too!!

Based on a recent poll, this will be a dinner event.

Thursday, July 20th
5:30 pm
The White Horse
809 West Saint Germain, St Cloud, MN 56301

The White Horse Restaurant and Bar doesn’t take reservations so CMLE staff will arrive a little early to hold a table or two.

We have really enjoyed having our social events in the winter and spring; and are looking forward to hearing from you guys about your summer work, any plans you are making for upcoming programs, and any other interesting library things you want to share! (And it’s ALL interesting when it comes to library stuff!!)

So join us on Thursday July 20th and we’ll have some happy library conversation and enjoy some good food! Email us with any questions, and we hope to see you there! 🙂

Please RSVP if you can; we are looking forward to seeing you!