Day Seventy Three of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

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Digital resources are always in demand in our libraries – and spending time browsing around to find neat things in the collections can be fun! (Shhh! We won’t tell your supervisor. It’s work, after all! It is important to be in touch with a collection!)

One archive of digital materials you might want to explore is the PEN America Archive.

About the Archive

“The PEN America Digital Archive dates back to 1966, resonating with the voices of literary luminaries; Nobel Prize winners in literature, economics, science, and peace; social reformers; philosophers; and political and artistic revolutionaries whose work, ideas, and actions explored and helped frame the most pressing issues of our time. Comprised of more than 1500 hours of audio and video recordings, the collection provides a unique historical perspective on the way Americans and American culture engaged, and at times disengaged, with the outside world during pivotal moments in history: the Cold War, the Civil Rights era, the Vietnam War, the Iranian Cultural Revolution and hostage crisis, the AIDS epidemic, the post-Communist decade, and September 11.  Arthur Miller, Susan Sontag, Toni Morrison, James Baldwin, and Allen Ginsberg are just a few of the icons and iconoclasts captured in the PEN America Digital Archive.”