Day Seventy Five of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

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What gets people to your website?

What are people looking for online?

It’s always fun to keep an eye on searches, and especially on searches that lead back to your site. Some of the things people type are…odd, or at least very unexpected!

Check out this list of searches that led people to the site! I am including a few here, but there are many, many more – click here to check them all out for yourself!

“The following are search expressions that led from search engines – mostly Google – to pages on between mid-2001 and March of 2004. This list is no longer being updated.”

  • what happened to the domestic servants in the 20th century
  • lawsuit Hair today gone tomorrow
  • “is cannibalism legal?”
  • capitalism and robots
  • how do i become rich
  • sirsi sucks
  • what does the cuban dollar stand for?
  • yertle the turtle and anarchy
  • “India was discovered by”
  • pics of short fat cartoon man not inappropriate
  • scoobydoo bongs
  • library weirdo
  • practicas de skateboard
  • what do i need
  • deadheads as a moral community
  • does mark cuban have friends
  • record breaking penis sizes,non porn
  • how do you say army in spanish
  • dewey decimal sucks
  • real joly unicorn
  • confirm for me that
  • percentage population “foot fetish”
  • what sucks about being a librarian
  • prison “martial arts” inmate jew
  • funny search and seizure stories
  • info on eskimo weapons for a essay
  • “self absorbed images”
  • “stupid things you can do on the internet”
  • Interviews with June Cleaver
  • erotic underwater library
  • goals and purposes of the hippies
  • which is beavis and which is butthead?
  • What is the recipe to mummify something?
  • stacy wakefield evil
  • porn kellogs
  • list of jobs in which absent minded people are handy