Day Eighty of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!


We all like to read books – I’ll just take that as a given! (We are library people after all; if you don’t like to read, this might not be the ideal work environment for you.)

I read a lot of books, so I  always appreciate recommendations for more, good books. Check out this great list!

Librarians Vote for the Top 100 Must-Have YA

“In November of 2015, School Library Journal released a poll to investigate what professionals in the field would call their “Top 100 Must-Have YA titles.” The survey received 274 responses; of those who identified themselves, 29 percent work in a public library and 43 percent in a school library (18 percent in a high school library, 12 percent in a middle school library, four percent in an elementary school library, and nine percent in another type of school library). While opinions varied on what constitutes a young adult book, it’s clear that both genre fiction and contemporary works have made significant contributions to the corpus of titles marketed to teen readers.