Weekly Holiday: National Peach Pie Day!

We love holidays here  at CMLE – and this week we are celebrating a fun one: National Peach Pie Day!

You can see Orville, the Official Office Bear for CMLE enjoying his own slice of peach pie! (Traditionally bears like honey, as we learned from Pooh; but you can definitely bake honey into your peach pie!)




Want to bake your own peach pie? There are lots of fun recipes to try! (And we encourage you to bring them to CMLE HQ to sample!)

Part of why I love peach pie in the summer time is that as a kid I attended the Cobden Peach Festival! If you have not heard of this festival, it’s not surprising. Cobden is a small town in Southern Illinois. They are famous for their apple and peach orchards, producing some great-tasting fruit! (They are also famous for their high school team, the Appleknockers, going all the way to the boy’s state basketball championships in 1964. Small towns always remember great stuff like this!!)

This year was the 80th anniversary celebration of the Festival, and while we are all probably disappointed we missed it, the photos live on! And it looks like a good time was had by all.

You can bring the fun of the Peach Festival to your end-of-summer celebrations, and let the spirit of the ’64 Appleknocker team inspire you to greatness, by making a peach pie yourself this week!We definitely encourage you to try something fun, and pie is always fun thing.

As library people, we are good at trying new things, and sharing information of all sorts – and food is one good way to share with others! Send us a photo of your pie!