CMLE Resources: Site Map

World map blank without bordersIt’s not the most flashy part of our website, but the Site Map is a handy tool for you.

Our job, as a multi-type system, is to provide information, resources, and assistance to our 300+ members. So our website is bursting with all kinds of things that might be helpful in different situations, to different kinds of libraries, archives, history centers, and more.

It gets confusing. Things seem jumbled.  There is a lot to consider, and a lot to look at.

No worries, however! We have your back on this. We have spent a lot of time thinking  through the organization of the site, to make it as useful to you as possible.

Our Main Menu items are here: (There are a lot of links under each menu item, so you have plenty of material to browse around here.)

  • Welcome! Start Here
    • All kinds of information is here, including our contact information, our bylaws, our Board information, and more.


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    • On this page you can subscribe to our social media, Linking Our Libraries podcast, online book groups, and weekly newsletter



  • Check Out Some Amazon Shopping!
    • If you want to check out some fun Amazon products, and you click our links, a small portion of the money you are already spending at Amazon will come back to CMLE.

You can start here to find what you need; and if you get stuck just contact us. You can find all of these links in our menu, so feel free to take some time to browse around and maybe find some fun new items!

We have organized this site for you, to provide you with information and resources to make your work easier. If you have material to contribute – send it to us! If you need some information we do not have up there yet – let us know!