Day Ninety of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

This is our final day of our CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!!

It has been so fun to explore all kinds of fun and interesting stories across the library world.This was an outstanding way to spend the summer! And we hope you had fun too. (Review over our entire series here!)

As a library multitype system, our focus is always on the ideas that cross all library organizations – and we find this is almost everything. We are here to provide information for all, and to help build and facilitate connections across the system and across the profession. We are utterly unapologetic in our belief that libraries (and archives, and history centers, and museums) are the most amazing places – and the most valuable parts of their communities! So this summer has been fun, valuable, and possibly educational for us all.

(Let’s not get too carried away with high-mindedness. This whole thing was based on the Phineas and Ferb cartoon – so “fun” was always at the heart of this project!)

To wrap it all up (for now!), I am concluding with a short blurb and photo that seems excellent to me! I was born in Omaha, and I’ve always wanted to do roller derby (those girls are TOUGH!); so seeing Omaha roller derby girls come to the library was just too cool for me!

(Check out the blurb with this photo here!)