CMLE Resources: Grant Resources


CMLE is here for you with all kinds of resources and information. Each week we will share a look at another piece of that information, to help draw some attention to resources that may help you as you serve your community.

This week we look at our Grant Resources material!

We provide a few links to help you write good grants. And we have a big chart of potential grant applications you can browse through to see which ones might work best for your individual library or archive.

Some Fundraising Links:

And of course, we have a podcast episode available with all kinds of grant information! You can download it to an app, stream it on your computer (instructions are on that page) – or just read through the material yourself. We strive to make information available and accessible to everyone, no matter how you like to learn things!

Would you like to write a grant, but are not sure where to start? Or have you started one, but are not sure what to say next? Or are you wrapping up a grant, and want another set of eyes to look it over? CMLE is here for you! Click here to let us know what we can do to help you!