CMLE Resources: Library Visits

CMLE is here for you with all kinds of resources and information. Each week we will share a look at another piece of that information, to help draw some attention to resources that may help you as you serve your community.

Interior view of Stockholm Public LibraryWe love to visit our member libraries! Our whole purpose is to help to connect and communicate across our system of 300+ libraries of all types, and to share information. Going out to visit our members is one of the best ways we have to find out all the great things you are doing, and to work on new strategies to figure out what we can do to help you in the work you are doing.

And okay, yes: it is really one of the most fun parts of our jobs!

We are not the only ones who like to hear about everything in your library – all your colleagues across CMLE want to know what you are doing too! This is part of forming more connections between our members: getting to see what is going on in other libraries helps you to get some ideas to try in your own location.

Have we been to your library lately?? You know we want to come visit – so send us an email at to let us know what library you are in and give us a couple of dates we can come visit you!