Learning About Library Associations: Art Libraries Society of North America

Library science is an enormous field, home to every interest you could imagine! This means that there are many organizations out there for you to join, in order to connect with other people who share your professional interests.

So even if you work alone in your library, there are other people out there doing work similar to yours! Each week we will highlight a different library association for you to learn more about, and depending on your work, potentially join! You can also check out our page dedicated to Library Associations.

This week we are exploring the Art Libraries Society of North America! This organization is “a dynamic organization of over 1,000 individuals devoted to fostering excellence in art and design librarianship and image management.” Their annual conference called “Out of Bounds” is coming up in February and will be in New York City!

Society members are “architecture and art librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, students, and others throughout North America interested in visual arts information.” Find out how to join the Society and read about membership benefits (like awards, publications, and career resources) on their page here.

Their website features a variety of multimedia and technology reviews, like this one of the exhibition Bruegel: Unseen Masterpieces. Their site also has a Learning Portal which includes webinar archives and virtual conference sessions. The content is Open Access and accessible through online registration. Finally, you can check out any upcoming events on their Event Calendar!