Vote for our next Postcard Party date and location!

Last May we had a great time connecting with our members and advocating for libraries at our first Postcard Party in the Park! If you missed it, check out the recap here. The goal behind our Postcard Parties is to share the value of libraries with legislators and other library stakeholders who may not hear enough about the incredible work that takes place in libraries.

And since library advocacy is always going to be necessary, we are planning our next Postcard Party! We will provide the postcards, facts about the value of all types of libraries to their communities, addresses for state and federal legislators (feel free to bring your own addresses for your library’s stakeholders), and sample text of what to write on your postcard. We will even mail your postcards after the event so no need to worry about postage.

We are offering a few different location and date suggestions in our poll below. Our system is large and we know that our events aren’t always conveniently located for all our members. You can vote for your preferred location and date ranges below. Don’t be shy, make your voice heard! We want to connect with you and work on some library advocacy together 🙂