Visit to Sartell High School Library

I recently had a chance to make a quick visit to the Sartell High School library! There was more to see and to explore, but this is a quick overview.

Some things are just what you would expect to see in any library.

You can find a Reference desk, where patrons can come ask questions.



Okay, this is not standard in all libraries – but an excellent feature! I love to see fireplaces (including decorative ones) because it gives such a feeling of a nice, cozy place to sit and enjoy books.

I love printers. I know it seems basic, but as someone who grew up using typewriters I still am enchanted by the reality that you can just hit print and as many copies as you want pop out. (Someday we will all feel this way about laptops and other devices! Technology moves fast!)


You know that we are fans of plants in libraries. We did a whole podcast episode on Library Gardens, and keep a variety of plants in our offices! More plants, or small trees?, inside are good for us all.




The library is undergoing some big changes. And of course, change can be exciting! The library has removed their nonfiction books, and many of the fiction books are now spread around the building for easy access. When I arrived on this day, the library space was being moved around to set up a practice classroom area for teachers to come test different ideas and tools for their own classrooms.

This is one of the classrooms with books ready to be borrowed. Check out that excellent book cover art! It’s always neat to walk down school hallways, and to see what teachers choose to do for decorations. And teachers working with reading tend to incorporate them into their decor. (It’s an excellent choice!)


Here you can see a classroom library. Students, teachers, or staff who need a book located in a classroom can, quietly, head into the room and borrow the book as needed. The idea is that books are being incorporated into lessons, and having them right on site reduces the barrier of going to the library to retrieve them.  They are working on this system as they prepare to move into their new building in the next couple of years; so it will be interesting to see how well this works out for students. (I’m a fan of exploring new ideas and new strategies!)

Have we been to your library yet?? You know we want to come visit and to see what is going on in your library or archive or history center!! We will be in touch with all of you to come ooohhh and aaahhhh over your stuff, so thanks in advance for letting us invite ourselves over for a visit!