AASL Recommended Apps: Content Creation: Flipgrid

Last summer, the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) announced their Best Apps for Teaching and Learning 2017. The apps encourage qualities such as creativity and collaboration, and encourage discovery and curiosity.



The app Flipgrid is an extremely useful platform for video discussion, storytelling, or performance. “There’s virtually no learning curve and teachers control the visibility of the videos.  Teachers post topics in grids and students respond in video of prescribed lengths under three minutes. Responses now include transcripts and individual responses have their own hyperlinks and may be embedded. Flipgrid is now free for teachers and allows them to create one grid with unlimited questions and unlimited responses.”

Level: All
Platform: iOS | Android
Cost: FREE

This review of Flipgrid from Common Sense Education has pros and cons as well as some lesson and activity ideas. This review of the app from Ed Tech Roundup goes through how the app works along with helpful commentary.

Take a look at this quick video overview to see how Flipgrid works in the classroom: