April, 2017: Evaluation

Performance-Evaluation-Process-zThis month we are looking at Evaluation for our libraries!

We always want to be able to show the value our libraries bring to the community, and to show that we are doing a great job with our resources.

So, what can you evaluate? Everything!

  • programs
  • materials
  • website
  • staff
  • carpet
  • outreach
  • lapsit storytime
  • cataloging system for third graders
  • therapy dogs visiting for finals


The basic thing you need to do is to define what “good” means for you in this situation; then figure out how to measure whether you are there or not.

There are two steps to the process: Assessment – where you gather information and ideas, and Evaluation – where you make a decision on how close you are to that “good” standard. We will talk about more details, strategies, and ideas; but these are the basic strategies you need to get your program going!

There is no shame in not being where you want to be yet, or in having an evaluation show problems – that is the whole point! You want to know things that can be improved! The shameful part is in not acting on that knowledge and making your work better. So be sure you take some action after doing all this work!

We support libraries!