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Animals and stress relief

Animals can be great antidote to workplace stress!

Watching fish swim, patting a kitty, walking with a dog – it can all help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and diminish the symptoms of anxiety. Ahhhh….what could be nicer?

If your library has a fish tank, or a resident cat, or a therapy dog who visits and wouldn’t mind taking a break from listening to kids read so she can listen to librarians talk about their day – you are set! If you don’t have one at hand, there are plenty of other ways to watch some relaxing fish. Many aquariums have live cams, where you can enjoy watching some fish swimming all over the world!

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Stress-Busting Therapy Dogs!

Fancy dog
clearly a hard worker, at being mellow

We have talked about the great work dogs do in libraries to help kids with their reading, and some of you already have these dogs hard at work in your library.

This month, as we look at ways to mange stress in our libraries and workplaces, we wanted to look at dogs again; this time looking at pups who work to help bust stress! An increasingly popular activity in academic libraries, especially as the semester wraps up, therapy dogs provide a tool for libraries to help their communities to be successful in their work.

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Stress management through meditation

take a moment to notice your breathing…

You may have seen the news stories about the value of meditation, and in this month of looking at Stress Management at CMLE we want to share more of that information with you.

Most studies are being done to show the value of meditation in reducing stress levels, reducing anxiety levels, reducing your sensation of pain, and actually changing the physical structure of your brain.

All these great things, and it only takes a few minutes a day. If you have not already incorporated this into your daily routine, looking at the science behind the benefits of meditation may encourage you! Continue reading Stress management through meditation

Let's Get Together! A very brief survey

In response to member requests, CMLE is going to set up a regular monthly gathering. This will be an opportunity for members from all types of library and from across the system to get together casually, to chat, to have lunch or dinner, and to just get a chance to talk to each other in person. (And if you want to talk about non-library things, that’s fine too! This is your chance to just hang out with library colleagues; so discuss whatever you want!)
Click to tell us what time (lunch/dinner) and day (Monday – Friday) would work best for you.
We anticipate these will happen monthly, and will create a schedule for the first six months of 2017 to share with you.
While you can not know your schedule in detail for the next six months, we ask that you make some predictions about days and times that you think you would be most likely to be able to join colleagues for an hour or two. We will move the location around, so people from across the system can all have a chance at a shorter drive!
Pick your day and time below. And if you have suggestions on some public places to meet – think coffee, food, possibly adult beverages, and space for us to spread out – leave them below, or email them to us at!


If you didn’t already click: here it is again!

CFP: The Future of Librarianship: Exploring what’s next for the Academic Librarian

they are ready to hang on your every idea!

Academic librarians – here is a chance for you to submit your work to the LACUNY Institute conference, happening May 12, 2017.

Do you have thoughts about the future? Do you want to share them with your colleagues? Consider submitting a proposal!

If you have not submitted a conference proposal before, or just want someone to discuss ideas or look at a draft – let us know! At CMLE Headquarters, we are here to help!

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