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Library Advocacy Updates from EveryLibrary

To keep our members updated on the news affecting our profession, we share material from all kinds of library organizations. This is the latest weekly newsletter from the advocacy organization EveryLibrary.

Remember: library advocacy is everyone’s job! We know the work we do is important – be sure you tell other people about it, and the work you do to serve your community!

From EveryLibrary:

It already looks like 2017 will be a daunting year for library funding and support across the country. We are disheartened to report at least two public library closures and a continued decline of school library funding and support. We are also concerned about an empowered Republican Study Committee who have proposed Federal Budgets with an agenda that includes defunding the National Endowment of the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, as well as the elimination of the Institute of Museum and Library Services which makes millions of dollars in grant money available to libraries. We will continue to see well organized institutions like the Koch Brothers funded Americans For Prosperity PAC come after libraries. That’s why we are starting this year by asking you to help us stand up against these initiatives and support our nation’s libraries.

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As you know, many library people tend to be book fans. And book fans tend to like book-related accessories.  You can find all kinds of things to go along with the books you love:

All of that is usual, and you have probably seen similar items already.

But, have you seen literary toothpaste??

It was a first for me! I saw this on Twitter, and issued a challenge there: I will buy a tube of either flavor for a CMLE member, and in return you will blog about the experience for us!

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Be a Mentor for ALSC !

You have a lot to share!

As an experienced library person, you remember back to when you were new in libraries, or new in your job. Did someone help you? You can be that person who helps to make someone else’s journey easier and more fulfilling!

The Association of Library Service to Children is looking for mentors – and you may be just the person they need!!

You do not need to be a member of ALA or ALSC, or to have a library degree, to mentor someone. You just need to be willing to talk with someone who is new, and who could use a source for guidance in questions and support. I’ve been in CMLE libraries, so I know we have many people here who would just be great mentors!!

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Libraries in the comics

Libraries, and library people, are -as we all know – fascinating! All kinds of great things happen in libraries, and every day is a potential adventure for us.

This has not gone unnoticed.

There are many comics out there that are set in libraries, and when you read through them it can be so fun to say “Yes! That happened to me!” or “Eeek! That sounds so scary!”

Do you have other favorites? Add them in the comments below! We would love to hear about more!

One of the most famous library comics is the now-retired Unshelved. It’s all about the adventures of Dewey – a librarian who may not be the best example of great service. Other characters include his well-meaning (but not terribly effective) manager, the enthusiastic children’s librarian, a senior Reference librarian, and a few other library staffers.

You can follow the creators’ schedule, as they travel to all kinds of library conferences; and you can buy all kinds of neat things in their online store – including my favorite shirt:

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Teen Volunteers in the library? Keep them busy!

Volunteering SVG

Does your library have teens as volunteers?

Are you struggling to find tasks for them?

Are you thinking about teens, and making some work plans?

You are not alone!

These are ideas you might consider for giving your teen volunteers (or other volunteers!) some tasks in your library. These are all currently being used by libraries around the country, so should be helpful in your library.

Do you have other suggestions? Share them in the comments! We could all use ideas for making a volunteer experience valuable for the teens and for the library!

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