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Everyday Advocacy continues!

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From the ALA’s Everyday Advocacy program!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and Week Two of the Winter 2017 Everyday Advocacy Challenge!

Deliver your introductory elevator speech to a local elected official or staff person.

Last week, you wrote a brief elevator speech ( to help you introduce yourself to your library community’s alderman, the town mayor, or local government staff member.

This week, your challenge is to try it out! Continue reading Everyday Advocacy continues!

We want to give you money!!

Exchange Money Conversion to Foreign CurrencyYou heard that right! Here in January, with the Monthly Topic of Grants, we want to be sure you are able to explore all your options.

We all know that working in a library is a fast-paced, ever-changing, and exciting job! It does not matter what you are doing there, libraries are there to serve their communities and patrons and that takes all kinds of service and skills that most people would not suspect.

Keeping on top of all the new services, materials, and possibilities available in a library is hard; but CMLE wants to help you in your own professional development!

We have scholarship money available to all our members, no matter where you work and what you are doing in your library. When you find a class, a seminar, a conference, or any other kind of professional opportunity – apply to us for money! We can help you defray up to $200 in costs of your event, so be sure you take advantage of this money. Continue reading We want to give you money!!

Let’s share information at a conference: Create a Poster!

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CMLE members – we passed this information on to you earlier, but want to be sure you know the deadline is approaching!!

Do you have a program that was successful? A neat new material? A process that you started? A huge disaster that you were able to fix? Any of these would be interesting to share with your library colleagues!

If you have not done a poster before, no problem! At CMLE Headquarters, we are available to help you with your application now, and with the poster itself before the conference. Just email, call, or drop by to talk with us about

The ALA Annual Conference, where these will be presented, is in Chicago this summer. Having a poster to present is a great way to advocate with your boss for time to go! You can have a great time, meet up with all kinds of library people doing amazing things!

Just over 2 weeks left to submit your proposal for the 2017 ALA Annual Poster Session!

Continue reading Let’s share information at a conference: Create a Poster!

Need some YA books with food/bakers/chefs? Check these out!

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Would you YA, or YA-book fans of all ages, want to read books with a cooking theme? There are some great suggestions from YALSA!

“Everyone has to do it eventually but surprisingly few YA fiction books have any reference to it. I’m talking about cooking and baking, of course. When I started thinking about read-a-likes for Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, I knew I wanted to feature some books with bakers like Lara Jean. That wound up being harder to find than I expected which also made me think that others might be interested in a more exhaustive list of books for teens with bakers, chefs, and foodies. For other books with teen chefs, be sure to check out the 2011 Popular Paperbacks “What’s Cooking?” List!”

(click to read her entire blog)



Are you making Work-Related resolutions?

We’ve read one of Gretchen Rubin’s books for our book group:

To get started on the new year, she has nine suggestions for helping you to make some resolutions for work!

“The new year is here, and for many of us, that means new year’s resolutions. And many of us make resolutions related to our work lives. ..

For instance, some common work-related resolutions include “I want to broaden my horizons,” “I want to do a better job with record-keeping,” “I want to network,” “I want to find a mentor,” and “I want to expand my skills.”

One key to consistent progress is to make a behavior into a habit. Habits are freeing and energizing, because they save us from the difficult, draining business of making decisions and exercising our self-control.

Habits matter, because research shows that about 40% of everyday life is shaped by habits. If we have habits that work for us, we’re far more likely to be happier, healthier, and more productive.”

(check out her blog for the rest of her ideas!)