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We need your input: CMLE needs a new name!

Official Office Bear, Orville

CMLE has been making some big changes to our services over the past two to three years; and now we want to re-brand our identity to reflect the organization we are becoming. So we need a new name, and we want your ideas and opinions to make a good decision!

As you may know, CMLE is one of the seven multitype systems in the state of MN. That means we all work to help all types of libraries in our geographic area: schools, publics, academics, and specials, as well as archives and history centers. Our geographic area covers the same territory as the Great River and the East Central public library systems. It’s an opportunity for all of us to work together, to find common solutions to problems we all face, and to always know that we are all part of a larger community of people doing the same kind of work. We do not serve the people in the communities; we serve you guys, and you serve your communities.

We think it’s a pretty great system, and are always looking for new ways we can work to share communication and information across all 300+ members in these 12 counties! (Shhh! Don’t tell the other six systems – but we think our members are pretty clearly the best!) (We may be slightly biased in that assumption, but….)

Our neighboring multitype library system, SAMMIE, is changing their name – and have already decided to change to Prairielands Library Exchange.  Ideally, we would like to do this soon to save the effort of changing names across the state more than once!

We are also working on our Strategic Plan, and are looking at some ideas for branding for that – ideas that will help to guide the work we can do to provide more and better service to our members over the next few years.

So  we are asking for your thoughts and ideas! You can go ahead and suggest some names, or just suggest some words and ideas.  We will work out a selection of name suggestions from these ideas, and take them to the next CMLE Board meeting to see what they think.

Your input is, as always, important in the decisions we make. Our whole purpose is to serve our members; we want you to be active in guiding where we can best put our limited time and resources to provide the best service!

Please fill out the form below. If you want to chat about ideas further, we would be happy to hear from you! Come to our tour of St Cloud State’s library on Jan. 11; come to one of our Office Hours; email ideas; leave them in the comments below; we can set up a time to come visit your library; or just make an appointment to come by our office and chat. (You know we always like to see you!)

Thanks for your ideas! We are looking forward to building another great plan for a few more years of service to our members.

Plan to visit CMLE HQ during our 2018 Office Hours!

A vital part of being a multitype library system like CMLE is that we want to be easily available to our members! You can always email us at or call our office, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a face-to-face conversation, especially if you need shared excitement for a new project, or sympathy for a challenge you’re experiencing.

That’s why we have Office Hours!! During our Office Hours at CMLE HQ, Mary and Angie will be available to discuss any library ideas or challenges that you are encountering. Usually the Official Office Dog Lady Grey will be onsite also, offering soothing support and accepting attention. 

So, we’re excited to announce our schedule for the first few months of 2018. We’re changing the schedule slightly to make it more possible for members to stop in.

  • January: Mondays from 11am to 1pm
  • February: Tuesdays from 11am to 1pm
  • March: Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm

CMLE HQ is located at: 570 1st St. SE St. Cloud MN 56304. We are in the cmERDC building right next to East Side Target.
We hope to see you soon! Of course, if you need to setup a time to chat (or if you’d like us to visit you) definitely email us at and we’ll work something out!

Let’s read! Join a CMLE 2018 Goodreads book challenge!

check out this reader! he’s on top of his TBR pile of books! great work Carson!!

We love to read books!

You love to read books!

Let’s all read books this year!!

Building on people’s interest in the books we suggest in our Books And Beverages podcast, we have started two book challenges for everyone in 2018.

Here are a few FAQs you might ask:

Are these high-pressure, high-volume challenges?? NO!

  • One challenge will read 25 books (50 if you get ambitious); the other reads 30. If you don’t get them all? *shrug* Read what you enjoy!

Will everyone point and laugh at me if I read books about vampires or YA books instead of The Important Classics?? NO!

  • Actually – we’ll look forward to your recommendations! We like fun books here, and that can include anything that sounds fun to you, including important classics AND vampires.

I never know what to read next. Can I get some recommendations? YES!

  • We want this to be easy, so one book challenge actually follows our book group podcast topics; you can listen to the suggestions everyone gives, then read a fun book for yourself.

I’m pumped up and ready to read!! Where do I find these so-fun book challenges?

  • CMLE Reading Challenge: Read through our 25 reading prompts for an interesting year in discovery of ideas; read two of each for 50 chances to try more new things and to hear what people have to say in different ways.
  • CMLE Book Group Podcast Reading Challenge: We have a book group podcast, Books And Beverages, and each week we talk about a different genre. For this challenge, you can read a book from each of the first 30 genres we are discussing. If you need book suggestions, you can listen to the handy podcast episode for all kinds of ideas! Join our book group podcast here.


What are you doing Jan. 11? Join us at St Cloud State!

We know some of you have already been to this library, or maybe you even went to school here. But libraries grow and change – so it’s great to see what is going on, and to have a chance to admire the great work they are doing here!

I had my first visit to this library recently, and it was so neat I knew other people would want to see their resources, layout, and materials. So this is the next location in our group visit series!!

Thursday, January 11 from 3:00 to 4:00

Since we are a multitype system, we are always working to connect our members with each other. Even if the type of library you work in may be different, many challenges you face may be similar. And something that works for another library might just work for yours too!

So join us! These visits are casual so if you need to arrive a bit late or leave early, no problem. RSVP below, we hope you can make it! 🙂

Taking a short break – but the podcast goes on!

Hybrid vacationWe are taking a little time off next week, to get rested and recharged for the upcoming 2018 excitement! So many great library things will be happening , we can’t wait!

Never fear – we are not completely abandoning you! Our Books and Beverages podcast will come out on its usual Tuesday, Dec. 26. This episode will look at the Holiday genre, and we will be looking at a book (or two) for a bunch of different holidays. Thank you to Ariel from Great River library, for being our Guest Host for this episode!

Enjoy your own end-of-year festivities, and we will see you in January!