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A librarian makes music recordings available!

Maroper Music
As library people, sharing information is our whole purpose. Figuring out strategies for putting together information to share is the key to success for us. So this librarian at Indiana University who has worked so hard to bring information, in the form of music, to patrons is pretty exciting to read about!

(By Mary Keck, Read the entire article here)

“Each day, Michelle Hahn walks downstairs to the basement of the William and Gayle Cook Music Library. The sound recordings cataloger and assistant librarian finds her way through blue and gray bins and stacks of boxes containing reel tapes, vinyl records, CDs and cassette tapes. She passes shelves of records labeled with the names of famous composers like Mozart, Handel, Schubert and Wagner. Then she reaches her office.

The large window in her basement office lets in the sun, which shines through blue and translucent empty plastic reels that used to hold tape filled with music.

It’s in this sunny space at her computer that Hahn makes it possible for almost anyone to access one of the largest academic music libraries in the world.

As a sound recordings cataloger, Hahn inputs information about the library’s collections into IU’s online library catalog, IUCAT. Without that information, the collections wouldn’t be searchable and accessible.

“I make sure people can find what they’re looking for and be sure what they’ve found is what they want,” she said.

Hahn’s behind-the-scenes role at the library gives patrons a roadmap to the 700,000 recordings in the library’s collections, made up mostly of classical music and jazz.

When a new vinyl record needs to be added to IU’s collections and a description doesn’t already exist in another collection, Hahn creates one. When she writes up her descriptions, she includes all of the relevant information that would be needed for someone to find the item, such as a title, names of composers, important dates and locations, the kind of music and the types of musical instruments used.

“Cataloging is intended to help a user search for relevant content, determine whether the content will meet their needs and locate the content,” she said.

Thanks to Hahn, you can easily locate and listen to the oldest Jacobs School of Music recordings from the 1940s and ’50s. The work of music cataloging allows you to hear the jazz of David Baker, founder of IU’s Jazz Studies Program, and listen in on the student performances of renowned violinist and IU professor Joshua Bell from anywhere.

“So much can get lost,” Hahn said. “Cataloging is behind the scenes, but it’s extremely valuable. It’s crucial in the digital information age.” Hahn has helped alumni find and listen to performances by deceased family members. Students have been able to pick their instrument out of a concert they’ve performed in because they’ve been able to locate it with the information Hahn provides. She’s also helped listeners access encore performances that weren’t previously listed in the database’s records.”

Day Forty Four of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Logo for Book Club Central website by the American Library Association

Would you like to read more, or at least to hear about some more good books? Probably everyone who works in libraries would say yes!

CMLE has an online book group, where we suggest a book with some professional skills useful for library people, and one where we feature a fun read with a library person. You can subscribe to either, along with our podcast and social media, right here!

And the American Library Association also wants to help you to find interesting books, for yourself or to recommend to your patrons. “Book Club Central is a new online resource for book clubs and readers featuring book reviews, author interviews, discussion questions and more. Award-winning actor, producer, and avid reader Sarah Jessica Parker is the Honorary Chair of Book Club Central and a passionate advocate for libraries and literacy. Ms. Parker will offer her own book selections as part of SJP Picks.”


We found a Kickstarter for you: Girls At the Library!

Kickstarter logo

You probably know the idea of Kickstarter: people doing interesting and cool things put their ideas online, and then other people can support that project at different levels. It is always interesting to sit down and browse through this site; people are doing AMAZING things out there, and it is fun to be a part of that! (Yes, I’ve backed several Kickstarter projects, and enjoyed it!)

This one sounded like a project many of us might be interested in, as we are generally a group of book fans! It is called Girls At The Library. GAL (Girls at Library) is an online magazine that connects women through the act of reading. By bringing women’s stories and the literature they read to life, we reveal how books have challenged, changed, and enlightened these women’s lives. GAL inspires its readers, through the lens of every woman’s unique story, to explore new literature and ideas and the many illuminating ways in which reading can empower the individual. We encourage our audience to experience life not through looks, but through books….Our mission is to build confidence in young women: through reading and education, they can reach limitless potential despite their circumstances. This is the power of literature.”

You can choose to support this at all different levels: Continue reading We found a Kickstarter for you: Girls At the Library!

Being Professionally Lonesome…Together

Interior view of Stockholm Public Library

I loved this article, because I see this issue across our system and in many other areas. A lot of libraries, especially schools and specials, have either one person working there, or one person and a couple of maybe-part-time people who can fill in there and also other places in the organization. So being alone is a real issue -and it’s a tough one!

One of our priorities at CMLE is providing a place where our members can connect with other library people – across the system, across the state, and across the profession. So please, when you feel alone at work – whether you are a solo librarian, or just the only one in your organization who does your thing, or who likes your library-focused area, know that CMLE is filled with members who are right there with you!! Subscribe to all our stuff (newsletter, podcast, online book groups, online discussion groups, and more!), and come to our events, to be sure you are connecting. Never hesitate to give us a call at HQ, or send us an email, or even to stop by to chat! We are your system, and are here to support libraries!

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Special Visitor for CMLE Office Hours

Today is our first day of CMLE Office Hours!

Every Wednesday afternoon with an even numbered date, we’ll be here in the office from 11:00 to 1:00, and available for you to visit!

And since this is the very first Wednesday we are holding Office Hours, we have a special visitor: Lady Grey!

Feel free to drop in today between 11:00 and 1:00 to talk about library programs, policies and procedures, ask questions, talk about cool things you are doing, or any other library-type stuff. And you can hang out with Lady Grey or try out our bike desk, if you’d like!

If you can’t make it in, give us a call or email, and we will be happy to help you.