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Let’s Advocate! Library Legislative Day!!

Do you like libraries?

Do you want to have well-funded libraries?

At CMLE Headquarters, we do too!!

We encourage you all to consider attending the Minnesota Library Legislative day. It will happen on Wednesday, February 22, with an optional ceremony and briefing session the night before that. Register in advance, so everyone can be excited to look forward to seeing you there! Continue reading Let’s Advocate! Library Legislative Day!!

Ransomware hits St. Louis Public Library!

MalwareWe have probably all heard about ransomware attacks on organizations, but it’s hard to believe libraries could be a target of these coordinated attacks.

But those ideas are wrong; and this week the St Louis Public Library is serving as our latest warning.

“Hackers have infected every public computer in the St. Louis Public Library system, stopping all book borrowing and cutting off internet access to those who rely on it for computers.

The computer system was hit by ransomware, a particularly nasty type of computer virus that encrypts computer files.

 This form of attack renders computers unusable — unless victims are willing to pay an extortion fee and obtain a key to unlock the machines.

According to the library, hackers demanded $35,000 in the electronic currency Bitcoin — but the library refuses to pay. Instead, it’ll wipe the entire computer system and reset it, which could take days or weeks. Continue reading Ransomware hits St. Louis Public Library!

Updates from State Library Services

TO: Minnesota Libraries
FROM: State Library Services
DATE: January 23, 2017
SUBJECT: Updates from State Library Services

Updates from State Library Services

Support Kindergarten Readiness Using Minnesota’s Newly Revised ECIPs
The complete revision of Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards: The Early Childhood Indicators of Progress (ECIPs)—including parent guides in English, Hmong, Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese and Russian—are now available on the MDE website. The ECIPs provide benchmarks for parents and care providers so they can know when a child is on track and identify if a child might need additional early learning supports. The language, literacy and communications ECIPs highlight how well the Every Child Ready to Read 2 curriculum supports early literacy learning. The ECIPs can also help you enhance your early learning programing and children’s play environments to support kindergarten readiness across all of the early learning domains, including approaches to learning, math, scientific thinking, the arts, social and emotional awareness, social systems and physical movements. Contact Jackie Blagsvedt (651-582-8805) for more information.

New E-Reader Users Need Your Help
If your patrons need help downloading ebooks to their brand-new e-readers, check out this handy resource featuring step-by-step access advice for major platforms and devices. The website is an ILEAD USA project designed by librarians in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. For more information, please contact Emily Kissane (651-582-8508).

Continue reading Updates from State Library Services

Everyday Advocacy continues!

Advocacy Logo
From the ALA’s Everyday Advocacy program!

It’s Take Action Tuesday and Week Two of the Winter 2017 Everyday Advocacy Challenge!

Deliver your introductory elevator speech to a local elected official or staff person.

Last week, you wrote a brief elevator speech ( to help you introduce yourself to your library community’s alderman, the town mayor, or local government staff member.

This week, your challenge is to try it out! Continue reading Everyday Advocacy continues!

Let’s share information at a conference: Create a Poster!

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CMLE members – we passed this information on to you earlier, but want to be sure you know the deadline is approaching!!

Do you have a program that was successful? A neat new material? A process that you started? A huge disaster that you were able to fix? Any of these would be interesting to share with your library colleagues!

If you have not done a poster before, no problem! At CMLE Headquarters, we are available to help you with your application now, and with the poster itself before the conference. Just email, call, or drop by to talk with us about

The ALA Annual Conference, where these will be presented, is in Chicago this summer. Having a poster to present is a great way to advocate with your boss for time to go! You can have a great time, meet up with all kinds of library people doing amazing things!

Just over 2 weeks left to submit your proposal for the 2017 ALA Annual Poster Session!

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