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Decision Makers: Libraries are Ready to Code


From the District Dispatch:

Computing jobs represent the largest source of new jobs and are among the highest paying, yet hundreds of thousands of openings go unfilled. And such employment needs are projected to continue growing in the coming years. Libraries are part of the solution in preparing more of America’s youth for these jobs

Libraries are ideal venues to provide career opportunities for youth in the digital age, explains a newly-released brief from the American Library Association (ALA). In “Careers for America’s Youth in the Digital Age: <libraries / ready to code>,” libraries are found to increasingly offer programs in coding and computational thinking—the broader intellectual skills behind coding—and are poised to do much more.

The brief is being released at the #HouseOfCode demo, panel and reception event on Capitol Hill on April 3-4. Nearly 100 students from over 50 Congressional districts will participate to demo their winning apps from the 2016 Congressional App Challenge. ALA is a sponsor of this event and we will have an exhibitor table and strong representation including our coding policy extraordinaire Marijke Visser as well as Shawnda Hines and Emily Wagner of the ALA Washington Office. Continue reading Decision Makers: Libraries are Ready to Code

Latest news from the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Teen Book Finder Database

Have you heard about YALSA’s Teen Book Finder Database? It’s the newest and easiest way to check out YALSA’s book and media award winners from past years. This free resource is searchable by award, list name, year, author, genre, and more. Users can create customizable and printable lists and even locate books in nearby libraries. The database will eventually replace our book and media list pages on our website. Check it out here!

New 2017 Selected Booklists!

Have you checked out our newest booklists? They’re all available now!

Beginning this month, Amazing Audiobooks, Quick Picks and Popular Paperbacks are being transitioned over to The Hub. More details on this transition can be found here. These are the only selected lists that will be changing in 2017.

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What’s RUSA and how can it help you?

helping people is what they do!

CMLE Headquarters wants to give you all the tools that you need to be successful in our ever-changing profession!Having support around our system is helpful, and reaching out to professional organizations across Minnesota and across the country can help you to be stronger, better, and more efficient in your daily work. Working in a library is tough!! We want to help you make it as easy as possible.

This is a webinar from RUSA to help you get acquainted with their work. Tune in live if you can; or you can check out the video replay later. Continue reading What’s RUSA and how can it help you?

Information Literacy is International!

Sharing ideas is fun!


As library people, we spend a lot of time thinking about Information Literacy. It is our role to  help members of our communities to  learn about the information they need – not just to train them to look things up. Our jobs in this area are increasing as we see the numbers of people who can not identify fake news from real news. And of course, this is a much larger and broader topic – impacting things we do all the time.

Library people around the world are also working on this issue, and working to connect information with their communities served. If you would like an opportunity to go talk with some of your international colleagues, submit a proposal to the Fifth European Conference on Information Literacy. It will be held from 18-21 September 2017 in Saint-Malo France.

Although I have not been to this conference, I have talked with people who went in past years and really enjoyed it! I have worked as a reviewer of the proposals, and they sound interesting – useful in all kinds of libraries. Continue reading Information Literacy is International!

Libraries improving Wikipedia: Are you in??

information is cool – and better when it’s accurate!

Library people: We all know our patrons use Wikipedia. We use Wikipedia. It’s a pretty awesome tool! But it can be better!! We are passing on some information about strategies you can use to help Wikipedia to be better and more accurate.

Try it for yourself! Set up a Wikipedia event in your library! Use this as a starting point to make our of our frequently-used resources to be stronger!

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