Guest Blogger Guidelines

CMLE is a multi-type system, with a variety of different member libraries:
• School
• Academic
• Public
• Special (this includes many types, such as law, history/museum, prison, business)

Your blog entry can be general in focus, of interest to anyone in libraries; or you can hone in specifically of a topic of primary interest to only one type, or a narrowly focused task across types.

None of these need to specifically be set in a library, marketed to libraries, or mention libraries; we are looking for all sorts of information that might be relevant as librarians and library staff continue to change and grow their services and offerings to their patrons. We are here to help them gather information and develop professionally, so they can take these ideas to their communities.

We do not require a specific word count, but in general 400-800 words would be fine. If you need significantly more space, please let us know in advance so we can work out some arrangements. We may set up a two-part or multi-part series on a topic, if you can show you have a lot of great information to share in that format.

As a library organization, we take intellectual property rights very seriously, and hold our Guest Bloggers responsible for ensuring they are careful with sharing material. If you have any questions on how to do this, just check with us; it is not hard to connect ideas with their original creators, so we want to be sure it happens here.

If you include images with your material, please give an attribution link to the image so we can include that in the posting. Any material you cite, please link back to the material or give a specific citation if the material is not online.

You are also encouraged to link to your personal website or blog. If prior entries in our blog are relevant to your work, we encourage you to link to them as well, to show the wider context of your material.

Formatting Preferences
While none of these suggestions are absolute, they may help you to make sure your material connects with your audience.

• We aim at a casually professional tone. This is not a scholarly reporting, and not a place for internet slang (unless that is your topic!). Our audience works in libraries, so use a conversational tone of sharing information with your professional colleagues.
• Short paragraphs are easier to read online, and encourage readers to get to the end.
• Introductions and conclusions give us good bookends for your topic, and help to cement your main point for the reader
• Bullet points or other lists can be useful in highlighting specific ideas

We will feature you as our Guest Blogger when your material appears. Please include a short bio with your draft, just a quick sentence or two. Your name, title, organization, and maybe a very quick reason you are interested in this topic would be fine. If you have a photo you would like to include, that can be sent with your written material.

When we make preliminary arrangements for your blog post, we will agree on a tentative publication date. If your material is time sensitive, tell us that in our preliminary discussion so we can get it scheduled at an appropriate time. We will make every effort to publish everything on a timely basis; but there may be situations where your material is pushed back to a later day or time. We will let you know this as soon as we confirm it, and will let you know the revised publication date.

We will post your material, and do the necessary formats. We will also do a final edit, and may suggest some specific changes to help your material succeed on our blog.


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