Official Office Dog, Lady Grey

Every library organization could use a mascot, and at CMLE we are fortunate to have a very good Official Office Dog.

She started life as a racing dog, but quickly realized she was cut out for other opportunities. Discovering the world of libraries gave her a professional outlet for her good nature, her gracious attitude, and her willingness to lean against people and to be patted for long stretches of time.

She also enjoys being part of our book group podcast, and has made several appearances as a silent guest. Her time spent as not only a frequent model on our website, but also as a greeter for our Office Hours, keeps her busy.  Fortunately, she knows how to maintain a good work/life balance.

Lady Grey demonstrates a yoga child’s pose

Lady Grey gives assistance in meetings, supervises typing on the computers (while checking to see if treats are available), and models calm serenity no matter what is going on around her. Her mindfulness training, and skill in yoga, probably help her to be so tranquil in the office.

She stands alert and ready for company

One of Lady Grey’s important jobs is to provide assistance during the regularly scheduled CMLE office hours. She graciously receives visitors, who want to come pat her and marvel at her lovely nature. She assists in conversations, by giving people a wonderful discussion topic. And she is a soothing presence when library work gets too overwhelming. We encourage members to come talk with us during this unstructured time; but we know that many of our guests come to see Lady Grey. We endorse their preferences in this area.

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