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There is a whole world of news happening across the profession. Below are a few links to get you started with some of the exciting things happening in the world of Library Science!

Weekend fun: Dewey’s Read-A-Thon!

What are you doing this weekend? Because I have an amazingly fun idea! Starting at 7am central time on Saturday, I’m spending 24 hours reading books!!

Yeah, it does sound excellent!

Of course, this is a flexible 24 hour period. I’m stocking up on audio books from Overdrive to have books to listen to as I am out doing things. I have a stack of paper books from the library, just ready and waiting for me to dive into that massive TBR pile! I’m accumulating a stash of all important reading snacks. And I’ll probably have some cool beverages too – after all, we have a fun Books and Beverages Podcast filled with suggestions!

How can you join in the fun of it all?? Sign up right here!

What is the 24 Hour Read-a-thon?

It’s sort of a reading challenge, only everyone participates at the same time. For 24 hours, we read books, post on social media about our reading, and visit other bookworms online. We also participate in mini-challenges throughout the day and win prizes. In recent years, this event has grown to encompass Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Goodreads, Litsy, a Facebook group, and other channels as well!”

What else can you do? Use the official hashtag #readathon. And CMLE members can use our hashtag #CMLEReads.

Join me! Read books! Enjoy working you way through your pile of books, in any format! Spend a super-fun 24 hours, or any portion of that, having some book-related joy!

Next Monday! CMLE’s fall social event!

We know it’s getting to be that tough time of year when days get shorter, temps get chilly, and you are so busy you don’t know how you will do it all! Come relieve some stress with CMLE! We will be enjoying dinner and each other’s company next Monday, Oct. 23rd at Old Chicago in St. Cloud at 5:30pm.

Join us for library conversation and a chance to meet your colleagues from different types of libraries! We have had so much fun at our past social events and we can’t wait to see you there!

RSVP below:

CMLE Reads Across MN: Deep Freeze

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes, but it also has many interesting books. In this series, we are sharing some of the books we like from Minnesota, or Minnesota authors.

We are mapping our literary journey around Minnesota, so you can see all the interesting places where our books are set. Follow our progress on our Google Map, accessible by clicking that link or searching for the title CMLE Reads Across Minnesota! (This book takes place in a fictional town, so we have dropped the pin for this book on Virgil Flowers’ hometown of Mankato.)

You know those books that you have to read ASAP? John Sandford’s  books are some of those for me! I love reading his Prey series, staring smart, rich, tough-as-nails Lucas Davenport; and this spinoff series staring Virgil Flowers is just as fun. I always pre-order these on, to make sure they arrive for me before I wake up on publishing day. Yes, I’m a fan! I started reading these books long before I moved to Minnesota, and it’s so fun to finally see for  myself the places they visit in the books.

I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now, counting down the days until it published. And it (finally!) arrived Tuesday! I have not finished it yet –  I want to draw this out somewhat until the next book comes along. But so far, it is just a fun as the rest of this series.  Do you need a fix of Virgil Flowers? Start with the first book in the series, and go from there: Dark of the Moon (Virgil Flowers #1).


Deep Freeze (A Virgil Flowers book), by John Sandford “Virgil knows the town of Trippton, Minnesota, a little too well. A few years back, he investigated the corrupt—and as it turned out, homicidal—local school board, and now the town’s back in view with more alarming news: A woman’s been found dead, frozen in a block of ice. There’s a possibility that it might be connected to a high school class of twenty years ago that has a mid-winter reunion coming up, and so, wrapping his coat a little tighter, Virgil begins to dig into twenty years’ worth of traumas, feuds, and bad blood. In the process, one thing becomes increasingly clear to him. It’s true what they say: High school is murder.”

Sartell Community Center

The Sartell Community Center has opened an unofficial library, staffed by volunteers. And they have partnered with Great River libraries to provide a locker system to provide locals with an easy way to pick up books from the system.

People can also drop off their books for Great River libraries here at the community center. And take a moment to admire the art wraps around both of these devices – they really add to the cool factor!




It’s always fun to see art in any type of library – and these book statues are so neat! Giant stacks of books can just put you right into the mood to read a bunch of actual books.

Shelves of books are always nice to view – and it’s great to see volunteers who have clearly worked so hard to provide a nice resource for their community!


And when you combine lots of books with comfy seating, you really have a great place! Community members can check in with the volunteers to take home books. And there are plans for computers and maker-spaces and potentially other fun activities!

  So Sartell residents, you can check out your new community center, with all kinds of activities for you to enjoy. And while you are there, take advantage of the partnership with Great River and the also the resources available in this library room!

We support libraries!