Thinking of Redoing Your Library Space?

Image by Thurman some rights reserved
Image by Thurman some rights reserved

Rejuvenate Your Space: Top Building Trends in Library Design

Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 2:00 – 3:00 PM CST

Looking to spruce up your space? More than just a home for books, a library is a living organism, a vibrant community center for learning, digital content discovery, and exploration. Shouldn’t your 21st century patrons have a 21st century library? Learn about the top building trends in exterior and interior design from architects who have reinvigorated and reimagined library spaces throughout the United States. Breathe new life into your library.

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Summer Learning Resources!

Image by Ahmad Hammound-some rights reserved
Image by Ahmad Hammound-some rights reserved

Edudemic (May 2013) posted an article on Ten Resources for Learning Over the Summer.  This is a quick, easily read post for all educators looking to enhance a program or instructional design. Below is a list of the general content areas discussed. Click here to read the full article.

  1. How Do Teachers Inspire Curiosity in Their Students
  2. Teaching and Learning with Videos
  3. Creative Classroom Ideas
  4. Add Multimedia Components to Presentations
  5. PBL (Project Based Learning)
  6. Engage, Inspire, and Educate Interactively Online
  7. Game Statistics and Game Simulation Applications for PE Teachers
  8. Eureka Moments–Fostering & Inspiring Creativity & Innovation
  9. No Homework
  10. Tools for Creating

Tip: When you are ready to begin planning for the 2013/14 school year, consider introducing at least one new idea into your classroom/media center. 

We’ve Learned: Staffing News and Updates from Around the Region

We’ve Learned… is designed to keep our readers informed about news concerning personnel in CMLE libraries/media centers. Please keep us informed of any “happenings” regarding staff members in your area so that we can include them in the next write-up! Happenings can include: changes in staffing, awards, honors… you get the idea!

CMLE Commends the following retirees for their years of library service:

  • Deborah Hasti, Media Specialist, Rockford Schools
  • Jeanne Skaj, Medical Librarian, VA Hospital-St. Cloud
  • Cheryl Dinkel, Media Assistant, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Public School
  • Debra Goerger, Media Director, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Public School

CMLE would like to welcome the following individuals:

  • Tracy Scott, Medical Librarian, VA Hospital-St. Cloud
  • Roxanne Bockowski, Library Technician, St. Cloud Technical and Community College

Job Announcement in CMLE Region:

  • Coordinator of Technology and Media Services at Hinckley-Finlayson Public School (ISD #2165). Click here for additional information.


Libraries Aid Preservation

Image by CharlesCarstensen some rights reserved
Image by CharlesCarstensen some rights reserved

Libraries are repositories of information that are often quickly associated with books, journals, and other tangible resources. However, they are also conduits to preserve community/family stories-some of which have yet to be cataloged (intangible).  This month @ your library, an American Library Association (ALA) campaign, provides a list of resources for libraries to assist patrons in collecting and maintaining  their stories. Included are links to information on how to conduct an oral history interview, ways to research ancestry, develop a family archive and make a time capsule. In addition, in honor of military month this May, a special section has been added for military families.

Tip:  Teachers, with summer approaching, this may be an excellent project for students to work on as they spend time with family on vacation; in the car, at the lake, or around the dinner table.  Additionally, what creative ways does your library encourage/facilitate these conversations?

MN Library Legislation: House Legacy Conferees Named — Please Contact!

**This legislative update was originally  written by Elaine Keefe, lobbyist for MLA/MEMO, slight modifications by Patricia Post** (Received on Thursday, May 16, 2013 11:08 AM)

The House conferees for the Legacy bill were appointed on Thursday , May 16th. 

Legacy Funding Background:  The House Legacy bill passed on the floor on Friday (10th). The Senate Legacy bill was unveiled in the Senate Legacy Subcommittee on Thursday (9th).  It includes $300,000 per year for the Minnesota Digital Library (the amount requested) and $1 million per year for regional public libraries.  This is a huge reduction from the $3 million per year currently allocated to regional public libraries.  Senator Dick Cohen, chair of both the Senate Finance Committee and the Legacy Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee, has historically opposed Legacy funding for libraries. His position has been that only those who advocated for the constitutional amendment should share in the funds generated.  Other recipients can be viewed as interlopers, including libraries.  Senator Cohen’s goal has been that 50% of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund is to be allocated to the State Arts Board.  Currently about 43% is allocated to the State Arts Board.  The Senate bill includes a provision requiring that in the future 50% of the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund shall be allocated to the State Arts Board.  The initial version of the Senate Legacy bill distributed the funds to regional public libraries under the RLBSS formula, as has been done the past two biennia.  I subsequently spoke with Senator Cohen and he agreed to amend the bill to change the formula in accordance with the MLA/MEMO platform and to require that the funds be distributed in 10 equal payments.  That amendment was adopted on Friday (10th) and the bill was passed out of the subcommittee.

Please contact the Conferees and urge them to support the House position on Legacy funding for regional public libraries.

The House maintains the current funding level of $3 million per year, whereas the Senate reduces it to $1 million per year.

Rep. Phyllis Kahn
Rep. Leon Lillie
Rep. Mike Freiberg
Rep. David Bly
Rep. Anna Wills

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