Three for Free: May 15th Webinars!

On May 15th (CST), choose from three free webinars targeting strategies to plan and engage patrons in your library programs.

  1. Planning: A Small Library’s Strategies for Tech Success offered by Techsoup from 1-2 pm (link)
  2. Engage! Teens, Art & Civic Participation: Creating Local, Issues-Based Programming presented by ALA from 2-3  pm (link)
  3. Planning an Adult Library Program on a Budget hosted by InfoPeople from 2-3 pm (link)

Additional information about other free training events and webinars, provided by Webjunction this May, can be found online.


The Nerdiest Cities in America!

Some rights reserved by jparise
Some rights reserved by jparise

A real estate site called Movoto strives to make home-buying an enjoyable and engaging process. As an extension of the site they created Movoto Blog to inject a little humor into the process. Recently they selected the Top 10 Nerdiest Cities in America.

Just for fun, take a moment to read the full article and the “must have” necessities used to formulate their list.

Check out number 5!

Upcoming Minnesota Events!

To help keep your calendar up to-date on Minnesota events spotlighting libraries, here is a quick reference for you!

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New MN Tax Plans Worth Understanding

logo-mcn-budget-programRecently, the Budget News and Tools publication of the Minnesota Budget Project (May 2, 2013), issued a very useful  analysis of  the Minnesota House and Senate tax plans. The tax plans from the Governor, House and Senate are trying to make Minnesota’s tax system less regressive and end the sad story of continual budget deficits that seem to be chronic these days. Education plays a big role in these bills so it is worth paying attention! With these new proposals, we can hopefully fund investments in quality schools, affordable higher education and strong communities. So, two plans with common goals, different approaches. Read the analysis of the  Senate and  House omnibus tax bills. The bills are now in conference committee and call on policymakers to come to agreement.

The Minnesota Budget Project is an initiative of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits. 

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