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We Can Do It - hasło promujące program TWILibrary programs are filled with all kinds of sources of information, and fun! Then can attract new patrons, then can inspire attendees to try new things and learn new skills, they can give people interesting new things to read. They can be an amazing part of the array of great things libraries offer to their communities!

Thinking up interesting, useful programs that will reach out to members of your community can be a challenge; so as with everything else, CMLE Headquarters is here to help you.

We are sharing information about programs from CMLE members, and from libraries all over the place.  Any of these programs are fine for you to try in your own library, to use exactly as it was done before, or to adapt to fit the needs and interests of your community members.

Check out our blog series of articles on Spotlight Library Programs! We look at a different program each week, because there are so many great ones out there.

Resources for Library People:

  • The Programming Librarian: “ is a place for library professionals to share, learn and be inspired to present excellent programming for their communities. Through resources, ideas and professional development opportunities, we seek to help libraries fill their role as cultural and civic hubs in their communities.”
  • IFLA Infographic on fighting fake news (available in nearly 30 languages!)
  • Fake News Resources for Teachers: “Remember, even if it looks real, you should still double-check.”
  • Library Link of the Day “The Library Link of the Day provides you a daily link for keeping up to date with the library profession. Destinations include the latest library news, good reads on the web, and other valuable resources that a library knowledge worker should know about. The link is presented without commentary. Links always lead to free content, but sometimes require registration (also free).”
  • LITA Library Privacy Checklists “This set of seven checklists is intended to help libraries of all capacities take practical steps to implement the principles that are laid out in the ALA Library Privacy Guidelines. “
  • Project Welcome: Libraries Serving Refugees and Asylum Seekers “How can libraries better serve refugees and asylum seekers? The Mortenson Center for International Library Programs has partnered with the American Library Association (ALA) on the IMLS-funded “Project Welcome,” a one-year planning grant (May 2016 – April 2017) that aims to learn about and articulate ways libraries can address the information needs of refugees and asylum seekers in order to support and empower them in their resettlement and integration process.”
  • From ALA  Libraries Respond: Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers: Many resources from the ALA and library organizations on helping our community members


Resources for Programs:

Resources for Patrons:

Do you have programs and resources that have been good in your library?? Send them to us! We want to share them with our CMLE community!

We support libraries!