Season One LOL Award Show!

Award star (gold)

Thank you to all the libraries we featured, who are doing great work!! And a special thank you to all of our guest hosts who volunteered to come talk with us as we worked through library information and ideas!!

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First Place Blue RibbonAward One:

Listening To My Stories Award:
What was the topic you most enjoyed hearing?


Episode Eight: Library Gardens

First Place Blue RibbonAward Two:

The Eeek! Award: Which topic made you say “I really needed this information – I didn’t know all this stuff!”


Episode Three: Library Makerspaces

First Place Blue RibbonAward Three:

I’m So There! Award: Which episode topic made you think “I’m not doing that yet – but I’m starting it!”


Episode Twelve: Stress in Libraries

First Place Blue RibbonAward Four:

Ooooohhhh and Aaaaaahhhh Award: What Spotlight Library do you most want to visit after hearing about the great things they do?


Kathryn A. Martin Library at the University of Duluth

First Place Blue RibbonAward Five:

The It’s So Pretty Award: Which art display made you want to have art in your library? (Or to share it, if you already have it!)


Champlin Park High School Minnesota

First Place Blue RibbonAward Six:

The “Please, Not Mold In the Walls” Award: Which library garden most made you long to have lovely things growing in your library?


Gwinnett County Public Library in Georgia

First Place Blue RibbonAward Seven:

The “If I Can Dream It, I Can Achieve It!” Award:
Which Episode had Programs You Want But Will Have To Struggle To Have In Your Library?


Episode Six: Emerging Bilingual Services

First Place Blue RibbonAward Eight:

This Is Big! Award: What topic would you most want to share with your colleagues?


Episode Eleven: Copyright

First Place Blue RibbonAward Nine:

Extra! Extra! Read All About It Award: What book were you inspired to read after hearing about it?


Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, by Angela Duckworth
(This was featured in our Goodreads book group – join us for more good books there!)

First Place Blue RibbonAward Ten:

The I’m Doin’ Great Things! Award: Which of our Guest Hosts would you most like to buy a coffee?
(Note: actual purchases are not required to vote; but we loved all our Guest Hosts and encourage you to support them, so feel free to bring them all chocolate or buy them all coffee!)


Becky Pflueger from St. Cloud Public Library (Episode Seven: Library Gardens)

Thank you to everyone who participated, who listened, and who was a part of Season One!


Stay tuned to Linking Our Libraries, and we will debut Season Two on Thursday August 10!

We support libraries!