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Notable Date to Celebrate: Tell a Fairy Tale Day is Feb. 26th!

You probably already know that at CMLE, we offer a service called “Notable Dates for your Noggin” which feature special holidays and birthdays of authors, as well as publications of well-known books. In an effort to help you get more from this service, we’ve decided to select one “Notable Date” each month to feature. We will include a few fun programming and activity ideas too, all for you to use!

Celebrate Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

Feb. 26th is Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

You can celebrate by reading from the classic fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen or the Brothers Grimm, but why not get a little more creative? Continue reading Notable Date to Celebrate: Tell a Fairy Tale Day is Feb. 26th!

ELL students learn literacy with help from photography

Use photos to help students learning English

At CMLE, we know for our member libraries (and for most libraries) assisting those who are learning English can be an important part of their job! Check out our previous post about the great work taking place at the Long Prairie branch.

This article from Edutopia discusses how photography can help students with their literacy. It includes reference to Wendy Ewald who has done extensive work on the subject. By learning to verbally reflect on and analyze photos, students get used to organizing their thoughts, a skill which translates well to writing.

There are five strategies that use photography to help develop literacy skills:

  • Focus – students notice details and describe what they are seeing
  • Portraits – the article shares several different exercises that utilize portraits, like learning about camera angle and the intention of the photographer in taking the portrait
  • Building Vocabulary and Using Evidence – using a photograph from a past time period, have students list the things they notice, and use this evidence to draw conclusions about when the photo was taken, who the people were, how they were feeling
  • Perspective Taking – students photograph an object from several different angles and notice the effect that the angle has on the tone of the photograph.
  • Telling a Story – students each take a picture they feel tells a story, then trade photos with a partner, who then interpret for themselves the story being told. Students can discuss their interpretations, and eventually, write them out.

Biking while working – at the library!

Read the article here – these look so fun!

In this article from American Libraries, Troy University in Alabama is featured because of their awesome new additions – six exercise bikes with tables for laptops that were purchased for student use!
Three bikes are available in the library’s student space at the main campus in Troy, and three are available at the university’s extension campus in Dothan, AL. The additions have been so popular and well-received that the university has ordered three more bikes and six elliptical machines that can be used under tables while students are seated!

Continue reading Biking while working – at the library!

Learn about these 13 unusual holiday traditions from around the world!

christmas cookie
Learn cool holiday facts!

Do you find yourself lacking in conversational topics this holiday season? (If you are a librarian, you have all sorts of interesting knowledge, so probably not, but just in case!) Reader’s Digest Canada compiled this slideshow of intriguing holiday traditions that are celebrated in different places around the world. Don’t be put off by the goofiness of Number One – they are fun to learn about and the pictures are great too!

For a kids version of worldwide winter holiday celebrations, check out this article from National Geographic Kids, where they cover holidays from Hanukkah to the Chinese New Year.