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Former Librarian Faces Jail Time for Laugh at Sessions’s Confirmation

from the American Library Association:

“Activist and former librarian Desirée Fairooz made national headlines last week with the news of her conviction for disruption of Congress, which could land her a year in jail and $2,000 in fines.

The reason for her arrest: laughing during the Jan. 10 Senate confirmation hearing of now Attorney General Jeff Sessions. She was found guilty on May 3 of charges of disorderly and disruptive conduct, and obstructing and impeding passage on US Capitol grounds.

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Contact your Senator’s Office by 5/19 to Support Libraries


Let’s do some advocacy together! Join us for the CMLE Postcard Party in the Park, May 18!


“All federal funding for libraries will disappear if Congress accepts Trump’s proposed FY18 budget.  Congress is working on their own version, and we need them to put back in the federal funds for libraries.  Here’s how you can help:

  1. Just 20 U.S. Senators have already signed on to letters of support for federal funding for libraries.  Please find out if your Senator has supported libraries by checking this sortable online tracker
  2. If they have signed on to both FY18 letters, send them a brief thanks.  If they have not, then please call, email, write, fax or Tweet the office of your U.S. Senators. Ready to use messages are here, but you will be asking them to:
    1. Sign on to the Dear Appropriator letter that Sens. Reed and Collins are circulating, which calls for $186.6 million in funding for the Library Services Technology Act (LSTA).
    2. Sign on to the Dear Appropriator letter that Sens. Reed, Grassley and Stabenow are circulating in support of $27 million for Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL).
  3. Check out these other ways you can take action to support libraries
  4. Encourage family, friends, patrons, contractors, vendors, coworkers, etc. to do the same!

Thank you,


P.S. if you call your Senator’s office and the line is busy, use Resistbot instead  It’s easy!

Beth Yoke, CAE

Executive Director

Young Adult Library Services Association

50 E. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60611

1.800.545.2433 x4391

fax: 312.280.5276



Take action to support funding for teens and libraries: http://bit.ly/2oaiVZD

Build relationships to advance advocacy

Image result for el Pueblo Library in South Tucson

From the ALA District Dispatch:

“A crowd gathered this week outside the El Pueblo Library in South Tucson where Congressman Raúl Grijalva (D) and other library advocates to discuss the possible effects of President Trump’s proposed budget cuts — including the elimination of the IMLS —on libraries in Arizona and nationwide. A statement by ALA Julie Todaro was read at the event, in which the American Library Association thanked Rep. Grijalva for his leadership in fighting for library funding.

A statement by ALA Julie Todaro was read at the event, in which the American Library Association thanked Rep. Grijalva for his leadership in fighting for library funding.

Manager of the El Pueblo Library Anna Sanchez was among those who spoke: “Public libraries play a significant role in maintaining and supporting our free democratic society. They are America’s great equalizers, providing everyone the same access to information and opportunities for success.” Continue reading Build relationships to advance advocacy

Join Us: Postcard Party in the Park!

Clemens Gardens

Are you ready for spring and beautiful flowers?

Do you love talking about libraries?

Us too!!

We are hosting a Postcard Party in the Park, and you are invited! (You, your family, friends, neighbors, polite strangers you met on the street – it’s a very inclusive invitation!)

CMLE HQ will provide postcards and addresses; you can write out quick notes to your stakeholders to tell them about libraries; and we will mail them. Quick and easy advocacy in action!

Thursday,  May 18 from 11:00 to 1:00 we will be sitting at tables behind the Gift Shop at the Munsinger Clemens Gardens. Bring your lunch; we will provide snacks, postcards, pens, and addresses for your legislators. Beverages are available for purchase at the Gift Shop, and water fountains are nearby.

After our poll on the best day for this event, we have added a second time. We will also be there from 4:30 to 6:30 that afternoon. Stop by on your way home from work, or bring a sack dinner and enjoy the beautiful gardens, and the river! Snacks and postcards will again be available to everyone who attends. Continue reading Join Us: Postcard Party in the Park!

Thursday is CMLE Library Snapshot Day!

Coll. Marcè CL - Polaroid land camera Mod 95 1948

You already know that here at CMLE Headquarters, we love nothing more than gushing about the work our libraries do. Now we want to have some visuals we can use to show off libraries!

And thus: Our first CMLE Library Snapshot Day!

Thursday, take photos in your library of the things you have, the programs you provide, materials on the shelves, staffers hard at work (ask their permission first, please!) – whatever goes into making your library a wonderful resource. No need to do anything special; we want to see a typical day in the life of our libraries.

This is part of a national program, where people in libraries across the country take photos to show off their libraries. We do not all do this on the same day; but the results can be exciting to view as a big group, and can be powerful tools in showing stakeholders the range and diversity of the work we do in libraries!

From ALA: “Holding a library snapshot day is a simple way to prove that libraries provide invaluable services to our communities.” We agree that all our libraries  across CMLE – school, academic, public, and special – are providing invaluable services, and we want to show it!

You can email photos to us; or if you have social media and want to share photos there, just tag them with #CMLEPhotos. We will collect photos, and add them to our website.

What if you miss it on Thursday? We will still be happy to take your photos from this week and display them!

We are looking forward to seeing the great work you are doing!