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Summer reading time approaches!

Kids painting flowerpots during the Summer Reading Program
Everyone in the library world knows that summer is a time for kicking back with some new reading, trying out some new programming, and (hopefully!) bringing in more people to your library! It’s a lot of work, but the results are fun for your patrons.

Thinking up these fun things to do can be the hardest part!

Fortunately, many library people face the same issue; so we can all work together to share ideas. One librarian asked for help in making teen craft programs over the summer, and there were many suggestions from other library people. See if any of them would work in your library! Continue reading Summer reading time approaches!

Book crafts for the 12 days of Christmas

... happy holidays ...!!!Furiously counting down the days until Christmas? No need for more pressure? Please remember that there are 12 days of Christmas and that there will be some down time after the magical day of December 25th!

A perfect time to get your bookish crafts on! Our friends at Book Riot always have interesting ideas. Take a peek!

Feeling conflicted about using books to do crafts? Not a problem….for absolution, read this!

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