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Looking for some professional development opportunities?

It’s so important to learn new things in our library careers, or to attend conferences and interact with other library people doing similar work! If you’ve been feeling the need to network or to update some of your professional skills, make sure to keep your eyes on CMLE’s Continuing Education calendar!

The calendar is located on our Continuing Education page, which features a Google calendar that is updated daily with new learning opportunities. We include a variety of events like webinars, online courses, in-person conferences, workshops, and yes, even free opportunities!

The page also has links to organizations like Library Juice, TIES, and the AASL’s eAcademy that offer their own training and development opportunities.

And don’t forget CMLE offers scholarships! Apply for one today!

Nine mobile Google calendar tricks

sumall_calendar_email_campaignDo you live by your calendar? With birthday reminders, meetings, events, and the ability to always be accessible, the modern, mobile calendar is far different than the wall version of old. And to make your mobile calendar even more of an asset, PCWorld recently highlighted 9 ways to make the most of your Google calendar for android and iOS. The list is full of tips and tricks, but also details some of the lesser known features of the mobile version of Google calendar. Here’s the abbreviated list but make sure to check out all the details now!

  1. Let Calendar’s event editor fill in the blanks
  2. Set a default duration for your events
  3. Add automatic alarms for your events
  4. Set up repeating events
  5. Show more calendar events on the screen
  6. Pick new colors for your calendars and events
  7. Set aside some “me time”
  8. Start the week on a day other than Sunday
  9. Quickly delete an event or check off a to-do
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Events, training, webinars, and more!

UrbaneWomanMagDo you struggle to find online training? Do you have a need for just-in-time education? Looking for events to attend? Look no further than CMLE’s set of event/training resources!

CMLE’s Event Listing – Usually local in nature, events that might be of interest.

Minitex’s Webinars and Training – Come get your webinars and training. Always diverse and extensive!

Notable Dates for your Noggin – Fun ideas for your library or media center.

National Online Training – More training than you can shake a stick at! Check back often, constantly being updated.


Just for Fun: Sassy, Funny, and Silly Librarian Calendars

Wowza! Have you noticed the uptick in the number of librarian calendars of late? Librarians have likely always struggled with their “image”… however, articles like the recent Personal Branding for Librarians from ALA, and What a Librarian Looks Like from the Huffington Post blog point towards the fact that the image struggle still continues… maybe even more so!

So, what’s a librarian to do, you ask? Increasingly, the answer seems to be …. create a librarian calendar! (Okay, so maybe the real reason is to raise money, but it’s really all about the image, right?!)

Here are a few of my favorites! 

Zombies in the Library

2013 Tattooed Youth Librarians of Massachusetts

Cat Librarian Calendar 2013 (may not actually “help” our cause!)

And… we can’t forget 2012’s Men of the Stacks

Have you ran across any fun librarian calendars or sites? Share here!