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Learning About Library Associations: Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA)

Library science is an enormous field, home to every interest you could imagine! This means that there are many organizations out there for you to join, in order to connect with other people who share your professional interests.

So even if you work alone in your library, there are other people out there doing work similar to yours! Each week we will highlight a different library association for you to learn more about, and depending on your work, potentially join! You can also check out our page dedicated to Library Associations.

This week we’re learning about the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA). CALA is affiliated with ALA and “is the only professional organization in North America that 1) promotes better communication among Chinese American librarians; 2) serves as a forum for the discussion of mutual problems and professional concerns among Chinese American librarians; and 3) promotes the development of Chinese and American librarianship with scholarships and grants.”

CALA has several programs and initiatives, such as the Academic Resources and Repostory System, and the Twenty-first Century Librarian Seminar Series. They also have several different publications including a newsletter and Recommended Reading List of Chinese Materials. CALA also offers several different awards, grants, and scholarships.

There are several committees you can volunteer to join if you become a member, such as the Best Book Award Committee and the Mentorship Program Committee. Committees meet at ALA Annual and the Midwinter Conference. Learn more about becoming a member of CALA on their membership page!