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Cheer on the CMLE Bike Team!

As you may be aware, at CMLE HQ we are huge fans of our bike desks. We appreciate the focus that biking brings us while we work, and they are a healthy addition to our work space!

Since we bike at our desks every day, we thought it would be fun to start tracking the miles to see how far we can travel. That was how we created the idea for our Virtual Library Bike Tour! Each week we will track our mileage and will virtually “visit” libraries along our trip.

We have an in-person map with pins (Orange = Angie, Blue = Mary) for visual tracking and will of course be keeping track online as well. Follow our progress on Google Maps here!

Each library that we “visit” will be linked to and briefly described on our Twitter account @CMLEBikeTeam.

So far, on my way out west, I’ve “visited” St. Cloud Public Library, Clemens Library at St. Ben’s, and Alcuin Library at St. John’s!

Follow along and visit libraries across the country with us as we embark on this biking adventure!

And of course, if you’d like a bike desk of your own, check them out on Amazon.

A furry visitor to CMLE HQ!

At CMLE, we love animals and recognize the positive impact they can have in the workplace!

That’s why we decided to have a special visitor come in last week – my greyhound, Lady Grey!

She was a very calming presence in the office, as we encountered some technology challenges, and also made many new friends who were happy to come give her lots of attention!

As you can see, Lady Grey did a great job supervising our CMLE office! She will likely come back to visit, and we will let you know when that happens, if you’d like to come say hello! She loves new friends, especially when they are library people 🙂


Look at this guy – he needs a name!

I couldn’t be cuter – and I need a name!

Meet our newest CMLE-HQ staffer! This nice guy arrived here from the MLA Annual Conference silent auction. (Thanks!!) He comes complete with a bag of books, and a librarian button on his vest. He has been designated the Official Office Bear.

He is currently making himself at home, checking in with the Team Plant members, and trying out different spots in the HQ to see where he may want to hang out. And he made his Instagram debut, to immediate acclaim.

But: he arrived without a name! We want you to contribute your ideas and your vote to give Official Office Bear a name.

Getting your voting skills sharpened and VOTE here for a name!