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Day Thirty of the CMLE Summer Fun Library Tour!

Library people are just neat! We all know this is true, and many others do as well. There are a lot of comics out there that talk about the coolness (and foibles) of library people. Today we are looking at comics drawn by Chris Hallbeck and Gene Ambaum. Right now they are drawing a comic called Library Comic. They used to draw Unshelved, a very popular comic with a main character named Dewey.

Check out a recent comic:

Women in Comics: The World of Wonder Woman!

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Article by Carli Spina. She contributed these guest blog articles to CMLE also!

“The beginning of next month will see the premier of the new Wonder Woman movie, so now is the perfect time to take a dive into the many different comics that have featured Wonder Woman over the years. Though her creation is credited to a man, it is not surprising that over the years many female comics creators have been inspired to tell stories about this character. Each one offers their own take on her, but any of these books would be a great place to start (or continue) your reading about this fantastic character.

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon by Jill Thompson – In this new take on Wonder Woman’s path to her place in the world, Jill Thompson shows her as a spoiled and selfish girl for whom everything has come much too easily. But, when her bad behavior leads to tragedy, she must redeem herself and come to earn her place in her society and her role as Wonder Woman. With such a different take on Diana’s origin story and such interesting art work, this book is a great option for those who have never read about Wonder Woman in the past.

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder by Jodi Picoult with art by Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, and Paco Diaz – In this story by best-selling author Jodi Picoult, Diana Prince aka “Wonder Woman” is in disguise as an agent for the Department of Metahuman Affairs when she is tasked with capturing Wonder Woman. With an impossible task before her, she must juggle her efforts to exist undercover with her efforts to keep her secret. Jodi Picoult was the first woman to be a regular series writer for Wonder Woman and this arc is well worth checking out.”

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Best Book Apps: Comics and Manga too!

Image by Sean MacEntee some rights reserved
Image by Sean MacEntee some rights reserved

The number 23 is pretty popular these days, and the ilibrarian at OEDb has once again produced a new list of 23 of her best book apps,  along with a new feature for comics and manga too. Note: You don’t necessarily need multiple book apps, one great one may be all you need. The tools listed in this popular blog post are the ones with the largest libraries, best features, and the most bang for your buck. Check out the 2014 OEDb  list to find out which ones made the cut.