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(From PC Magazine, By Molly K. McLaughlin)

“Codecademy has a bold mission—to rethink education from the bottom up—and it’s working on that on the web and out in the world through a handful of nonprofit initiatives. On the web, Codecademy offers courses to make learning to code and designing websites fun and easy. You can choose to learn specific languages, such as JavaScript, or even learn the (IBM) Watson API. Even better, all the classes are free, though a new paid plan offers additional learning tools and live support. This makes Codecademy our Editors’ Choice for free online coding classes.

Note: Codecademy is focused on teaching beginners. There are some advanced courses covering Ruby, PHP, and AngularJS, but you won’t find C or Java classes here. In the coming months, Codecademy will be rolling out new courses and refreshing its interface. Some older courses will be discontinued; if you’re in the middle of one, your progress will be lost, but your achievements will be saved, so you’ll still be able to track which courses (new and old) you’ve completed. Continue reading Codecademy

New eCourse: Being Indispensable: A School Librarian’s Guide to Proving Your Value and Keeping Your Job

Being Indispensable: A School Librarian’s Guide to Proving Your Value and Keeping Your Job eCourse
Colton Ursiny
Administrative Assistant
ALA Publishing

Chicago—ALA Editions announces a new iteration of our popular eCourse, Being Indispensable: A School Librarian’s Guide to Proving Your Value and Keeping Your Job. Hilda K. Weisburg will serve as the instructor for a 6-week facilitated eCourse starting on July 10, 2017.

Estimated Hours of Learning: 30
Certificate of Completion available upon request.

School librarians are worried about their jobs, and with good reason. Budget cuts have taken many jobs, and those who have retained their jobs find their resources stretched thin. In this eCourse, respected authority Weisburg gives school librarians concrete strategies for demonstrating and proving their worth through clear, focused leadership.

Showing you how to focus and strengthen your programs and articulate those strategies in ways that build support for yourself and your library within your institution, she leaves no stone unturned. This eCourse teaches you how to lead; how to identify the people you need to influence; and how to influence them on paper, in person, and during meetings.

Learning outcomes

  • Making the case for the vital role school librarians play in learning
  • Identifying your mission/vision in order to focus your program and be able to prioritize efficiently
  • Building a solid base of support among stakeholders who hold the power over your future
  • Creating and preparing to carry out plans targeted to strengthen your programs

eCourse outline

Part 1: Positioning Yourself

  • Qualities of a leader (your strengths and weaknesses)
  • Mission and vision statements
  • Core values and tag lines

Part 2: Reaching the Power Stakeholders

  • Connecting with administrators (superintendent, principals, BOE, and the central office)
  • Connecting with the community (parents, business owners, the public library, and others)

Part 3: Reaching Priority Stakeholders

LLAMA Webinar: “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library”

“The days of posting important announcements on a library bulletin board and hoping someone might see them are ending. Today’s digital signage offers many more visible and effective options. Using technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and tablets to display content as digital images, video, streaming media, and other formats, digital signage can be found in more and more libraries today. The Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA) will present “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library,” on Wed., May 24, at 1:30 – 3:00 pm (Central time). Join us to learn tips and tricks for how to create digital signage using best practices, and how to make a case for adding affordable digital signage to your library. Continue reading LLAMA Webinar: “Signs of the future: Using Digital Signage in Your Library”

Professional development plans for the summer

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From San Jose State University:

“Are you going to the ALA Annual Conference in June? The San Jose State University School of Information is holding a unique one-unit course during the conference that is available to non-matriculated students through our Open Classes program. If this will be your first time attending ALA Annual or you want to take full advantage of the conference experience, this course was designed for you!

Taught by iSchool lecturer Patty Wong, the “Professional Socialization and Leadership” course examines current trends in the information profession. Students will attend daily seminars, participate in a number of special programs, and attend the conference trade show. They will also have the opportunity to meet with prominent ALA member leaders and get a bird’s eye view of association governance.”
Continue reading Professional development plans for the summer

Looking for some professional development opportunities?

It’s so important to learn new things in our library careers, or to attend conferences and interact with other library people doing similar work! If you’ve been feeling the need to network or to update some of your professional skills, make sure to keep your eyes on CMLE’s Continuing Education calendar!

The calendar is located on our Continuing Education page, which features a Google calendar that is updated daily with new learning opportunities. We include a variety of events like webinars, online courses, in-person conferences, workshops, and yes, even free opportunities!

The page also has links to organizations like Library Juice, TIES, and the AASL’s eAcademy that offer their own training and development opportunities.

And don’t forget CMLE offers scholarships! Apply for one today!