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New Minnesota Library CE Calendar

mn_lib_wordmark_color_png.png-image2993-280There is a new statewide Library Continuing Education (CE) Calendar sponsored by the seven Minnesota Multitype Library Systems. Its goal is to make it easy for library staff seeking CE opportunities & for planners of MN events to see what is already scheduled. Events on the calendar are open to all staff, although there may be some registration restrictions. Libraries & systems are invited to submit library CE opportunities to the calendar at calendar@mnlibs.info. Comments on the calendar are welcome at that address, too.

The Professional Development “Unconference”

Have you been hearing about a new (technically a few years old) way of doing conferences called the unconference? Admittedly, they are informal events, sometimes on a Saturday, and the success of them is based largely on who attends, who has knowledge of proposed topics, and the willingness of attendees to not only listen and learn, but contribute too. The popularity of Edcamps, a type of professional development for educators, originated from social media connections. Get an insider’s view of what makes these events tick, and what kind of usability we could consider here in Central Minnesota. Go to the full article on SmartBlog on Education, 10/30/2012.

The Flipped College Classroom

A recent Star Tribune article, Internet Flips the Idea of How to Teach a Class, highlighted the efforts of some local college professors and instructors utilizing the flipped classroom method in their classrooms. Not only is this article (and its information) local, but it also details some of the successes and failures of this new teaching method. In addition, a recent study of 720 physics professors showed that at least 72 percent had tried various interactive teaching methods (like those that are a part of the flipped classroom); however, at least a third of those instructors tried — and eventually stopped using interactive methods. Some cite push back from students in the flipped classroom, as well as little support for instructors once they’ve “made the switch”. Ongoing support, continuing education, and access to professional resources is a must for forward-thinking instructors who have gotten up the gumption to attempt the flipped classroom.

October Library Events/Webinars

Free Library WebinarsOctober2012, http://webjunctionworks.org/mn/blog/?p=1075
Through the efforts of colleagues around the country, here is a compilation of free or low-cost online webinars relevant to libraries and staff at all levels from various sources.  Many of the webinars will be archived, so check the relevant site later if you can’t attend the live online event. If you have additions to the list of free webinars or the Minnesota calendar of events, add them to the comments field or let me know!
                ***38 free webinar opportunities in the list for this month!
Additional Learning Opportunities for the Minnesota Library Community:
·         For Minnesota-sponsored events, live and online, visit the Minnesota Library Community Calendar of Events (format change underway–stayed tuned), the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Event Calendar, and the Minitex Event Calendar.
·         For lists of past “Free Library Webinars”, visit this search link at BlogJunction Minnesota,
·         For free, self-paced courses, sign in on the WebJunction Courses page, or Request WebJunction Course Accessto obtain an account, and then select from the course catalog. Without signing in, anyone can glance at the course catalog preview.
Special Events & Conferences:
·         Minnesota Library Association Conference, St. Paul (October 3-5), http://mnlibraryassociation.org/mlaconference2012/
·         Midwest Chapter, Medical Library Association, Rochester (October 6-8), http://blog.lib.umn.edu/lmcguire/hslm/2012/08/dont_miss_the_deadline_to_regi.html
·         Use your influence! Crafting your message to achieve awareness & support (October 9)
·         MEMO Conference, St. Cloud (October 11-13), http://memotech.ning.com/page/2012-fall-conference
·         Libraries and Access to Justice Webinar Series (September 13, 27; October 11; November 1) http://www.probono.net/librarywebinars/
·         LawHelpMN offers free, live, on-site legal information training sessions (Fall 2012),
·         MCCLL Annual Conference for Public Library & County Law Library Staff, St. Paul (October 26), http://webjunction.org/news/minnesota/article3.html
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